...British stylist and interior designer Lucyina Moodie.  I first came across her work in connection with the Chelsea Garden Show, for which she styled several outdoor "rooms" and won awards. 

First place at Chelsea - a greenhouse becomes much more than a place to pot plants.

She also does wonderful interiors. Lucyina started her career as a stylist with the BBC, and went freelance in 2000, adding interior designer to her list of accomplishments. Her work is very unfussy and makes the most of color. I love the deep color of these walls and how the curtains pick up the shade without being too uniform.

A serene vanity space. Notice the variety of textures - intricate wallpaper, patterned floor, rough wood trim. Despite the less finished elements, the entire look is highly polished and feminine.

I would do this entire room in my home. It's a little bit French, a little bit Hollywood, and a lot of white.  A variety of cream shades and some wisps of blue add visual variety and prevent a white-out. 

Another great eclectic dining room.

A "butler's pantry" of china, linen, and silver... suitcases, that is.  

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