A Little Color Story

My heart did a little flip-flop when I saw this newly renovated kitchen space by The Pink Pagoda.

I have a terrible thing for green and blue these days - leaf and sky, tree and stream, it's a color combination that soothes. I went chartreuse in the living room earlier this year, and worried that bold, bold shock of green would knock me down every time I walked through the door. So the serenity of it surprised me - when the afternoon light comes sifting through the windows, it feels a bit like you're in a forest. I couldn't be happier. 

It's a palette getting its due in fashion. The Tory Burch fall collection included just. smashing. blue and white fabrics, with plenty of green plants sprinkled through the shoots - not all that different from her home in Southhampton, featured in Architectural Digest.

And of course, it's a fresh as it is classic. Here, a detail from Gabriel Metsu's Woman Reading a Letter (currently on view at the National Gallery, in the exhibition Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting).

Be sure to click over to The Pink Pagoda to see more of her fabulous kitchen reveal.



While I haven't posted in a span of time I consider a slight pause, and the calendar considers months, I wanted to share a few Christmas photos in my new-ish place. The decor is very much a work in progress (note the one forlorn, coverless bolster) and sadly lacking in paint, but things are coming along, including the installation of a 104 inch valance over the sliding doors. And, I was able to graduate from a tabletop tree to a full six feet of faux-fir glory!

The chinoiserie ornament collection has grown from a few odd bits into enough to cover an entire tree–new additions this year include blue and white vases from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and blue and white tassels from there as well, picked up at the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit. 

The tree topper is a fan; the red lantern ornaments I found in a street market in Shanghai. They're actually meant to stick on the windshield of a car; I just switched out the suction cups for ornament hooks. It was... interesting, trying to get them back in the suitcase in one piece.

A little painted crane ornament. One year Macy's had probably 10 or 15 different really unique chinoiserie ornaments–very unexpected, and I was thrilled to find them. 

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Merry Christmas from Sanity Fair!



Did you engage in Lilly Pulitzer for Target mania? I didn't plan on it, but after going through the lookbook, I thought a lot of the items were darling. Yes, I already had Lilly-but who doesn't want more? So, following a crazed middle of the night tug-of-war on my laptop, in which I managed to tear prized garments from the hands of other (invisible) online shoppers (and they snatched a few from me), I tossed the lot into my digital red Target cart, and pressed "order." And it all arrived in the mail today! As expected, what you get with a collaboration project with Target is better design than quality, but all-in-all, I still feel like I got more style than I paid for.

 Below are most of the items I picked up. As with any post-Lilly shopping trip, I'm tempted to put them on all on at once, and walk down the street looking like someone who had a psychotic episode in a neon pant store.

This bag is my favorite (also pictured above). Strangely, it's listed as a child's tote. The adult version had less attractive faux leather handles, while the child's has rope handles. It's a nice size, and I love the pattern.

Do I have anywhere appropriate to wear these? No. Will that stop me? Also no.

 These are a bit loose on, but still comfy.
 Who doesn't need orange giraffes in their life?
 What about you? Did you engage in the Lilly madness?



Last year, I moved from my studio apartment into a HUGE new place600 square feet! With far too many odds and ends that I couldn't bear to part with, I decided to forgo anything like a bedroom set, and instead find a way to make everything I already had and loved work togetherwith a few new additions. So welcome to "The Orangery."

It's really orange, red, amber, apricot... anything in that spectrum. That said, the colors still came out off in my photosthe valance isn't quite that red, nor the bedding so tan. The two-panel screen that formed my old headboard was too small to reuse for the same purpose, and so it now decorates a corner; a new Starck Louis ghost chair provides convenient seating, without taking up much visual space. 

My old desk has moved to the bedroom, graced with a former living room lamp. The gilt bamboo magazine rack is new. When not piled with books, the Chinese garden stool becomes a seat for the desk/vanity, fitting neatly in the small space.

 The gray Greek key pillow is new, from Targetwhat a find!
The pillows are a Windsor Smith fabric.
The headboard is actually two matching screens, with a sunburst hung in-betweenI liked the drama!

The gold Foos are new, as is the little butterfly, an acquisition from the Philadelphia Flower Show (it perished of natural causes, according to the seller).

I love little boxes, and these two brass and black finds are particular favorites.

A favorite drawing in the "reading corner." The leopard pillow used to live on the couch. The folded screen has gone from a bright orange in the previous photo to an umber greige. Blame the iPhone.

The brackets are a treasured vintage shop discovery. Home Goods supplied the matching vases.

A very narrow corner gets a little dressing up with gilded frames, formerly over my living room desk. The pagoda is newone of those things you find, get wildly excited over, buy, bring home, and thinkwhat do I do with THIS? Currently, "what" is this corner. I have no regrets. 

I like gray with orangehere, it softens the orange, and picks up the soft shadows in the print on the duvet and shams from West Elm. Luckily, the carpet was already grey, and I had the walls painted this Benjamin Moore shade before moving in. It has a cozy, cocoon effectbrightened up by gilt and orange.

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That's all, folks! The living room and dining area are still in desperate need of attention, but I thought I'd at least share a peek into the one mostly finished space, since I've gotten so many kind inquiries into how decorating post-move is going. Hope you enjoyed the tour!



I don't do a lot of home goods shopping at Target these days-being of the Tony Duquette camp when it comes to color (clear, bold colors every time) has kept me away. Virtually every shade they sell comes pre-aged in too-many-mixed-wash-cycles grey: mustard rather than sunshine yellow, brick red rather than lacquer, faded blue rather than blue sky. But today's Target shopping trip was pure delight-so many great finds! Apparently, they're eager for spring, too:

There's a nice Madeline Weinrib look to those pillows-and check out the pink and bamboo tray. I'm also a fan of the coral lamps in the background.

Great storage option-it comes in pale blue, too.

Check out these great tables! Just make sure you get the one with even side panels. :)

These bamboo mirrored trays are fabulous! I almost bought one... almost, because despite my constant drumbeat about how great trays are for keeping spaces organized, you can also have TOO MANY TRAYS. Which is what I have. And I may have just bought another last week...

Chinese garden stools at the Target! Love the lattice pattern. They're a good deal at $69. 

Matching vases and coasters are a smaller dose of Palm Beach vibe.

These "wicker bottom" trays were lovely in person, and the lattice mirror isn't bad either. 


A Fan-tastic Christmas

It's a touch early for Christmas decor, but I was smitten with this "fan"tastic display in the December issue of Architectural Digest–so eye-catching, and so easy to do!

Bronson van Wyck draped the mantel of the above chinoiserie-paneled library in a Manhattan Duplex with custom-made fans, but you can tuck some of these fans from Pearl River into fresh greenery. A longevity fan, below, with gold lettering would catch the Christmas candlelight beautifully.
 For a really elegant scheme, black and gold would be stunning and modern.
 Or, a flash of metallic would compliment the twinkle lights. 

Finally, here's van Wyck's chinoise-inspired Christmas tree, layered in lanterns, tassels, and lots of lucky red. The skirt is made from Chinese wedding silk.
/Images: Rooms, Architectural Digest/ Fans, Pearl River/

When in Charlottesville...

As summer came to a close, I headed down to Charlottesville for a quick weekend trip—and to Caspari, of course! I had a terrible time ripping myself away from this store, and didn't until I had stocked up on some of my Juliska pattern (which includes ginger jars!), books, hostess items, and a pile of other treasures. 

Juliska Country Estate in blue and white ginger jars.

Caspari is chock-a-block with chinoiserie—this Dorothy Draper-style cabinet flanked by Gracie-esque panels is a prime example.

 Just in time for Fall, Caspari has plenty of orange. 

A particular favorite of mine was this floral die-cut placemat.

Green lattice and animal print make for a lovely spring setting.

A few of the wrapping papers on hand—pagoda, monkeys, and the same pinwheel pattern as the placemats!

There were many small pieces of furniture for purchase, including garden stools.

 I loved this display, especially seeing my rather traditional Country Estate pattern paired with an almost electric turquoise blue—very different, and very fun.

Other Charlottesville recommendations? Stay at the Boar's Heads Inn, shop for clothes at the Vintage Vixen, check out the antiques at Oyster House,  and enjoy the marvelous brunch at West Main or the fantastic Mexican food at Continental Divide!


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