Did you engage in Lilly Pulitzer for Target mania? I didn't plan on it, but after going through the lookbook, I thought a lot of the items were darling. Yes, I already had Lilly-but who doesn't want more? So, following a crazed middle of the night tug-of-war on my laptop, in which I managed to tear prized garments from the hands of other (invisible) online shoppers (and they snatched a few from me), I tossed the lot into my digital red Target cart, and pressed "order." And it all arrived in the mail today! As expected, what you get with a collaboration project with Target is better design than quality, but all-in-all, I still feel like I got more style than I paid for.

 Below are most of the items I picked up. As with any post-Lilly shopping trip, I'm tempted to put them on all on at once, and walk down the street looking like someone who had a psychotic episode in a neon pant store.

This bag is my favorite (also pictured above). Strangely, it's listed as a child's tote. The adult version had less attractive faux leather handles, while the child's has rope handles. It's a nice size, and I love the pattern.

Do I have anywhere appropriate to wear these? No. Will that stop me? Also no.

 These are a bit loose on, but still comfy.
 Who doesn't need orange giraffes in their life?
 What about you? Did you engage in the Lilly madness?

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Casey said...

I was aware of the Lilly Target collection, but not too much of the details of the when, etc. I heard about the frenzy, and decided to stop by my local Target Monday after work, just to see what was left. I got a set of cocktail glasses and the serving tray. The rest was fugly (outdoor lanterns, carafe and ice bucket), or useless (hammock stand, umbrella stand, strings of lights), and a bunch of nail polish (why?). The Black Friday Mania that surrounds these things makes it not worth it IMHO. The fact that the stuff is now on ebay for two to ten times the price makes it that much worse. I hope Karma is swift for these greedy vultures.


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