I'm a Ralph Lauren junkie. If he made a snuggie, I'd buy it (and it would be a such tasteful, classic snuggie too). But every season, while trolling his many lines - Lauren, Rugby, Black Label, Blue Label, RLX, Pink Pony, American Living, Chaps... etc., etc., etc., I always forget one: Club Monaco. 
There are a few hints of classic Americana and British aristocracy, but it's a younger, hipper style. On the street, you wouldn't peg it for a Lauren creation. But true to form, it's traditional in one sense: the color wheel. Season after season, CM offers a neutral palette of tailored pieces so simple that in the midst of all the fuss over trends and the "color of the season" CM is easy to overlook.
But drop into a Club Monaco store, and you'll walk out with a bag-full - I guarantee it. It's the best store out there for basics that aren't boring. 
Q. What goes with camel, cream, grey, or black? 
A. Absolutely everything.
TUESDAY is the LAST DAY to enter!
Good luck to the winner :)
xoxo Sanity Fair
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