It happens at the worst times - first it's the sniffles, then that cloudy, rather lost feeling, followed by a desire to become prone on whatever the nearest, softest, flat surface happens to be. Oh, the winter cold. All is not lost! Turn on the telly, grab your coziest robe, and cuddle up to these stylish cold-relievers, guaranteed to make you feel that the world is a little less cruel.

P.S. And even if you're not feeling sick - these treats will make for a relaxing weekend!

/SHOPPING/1. Michael Kors Jet Set Slippers/ 2. Otis Batterbee Eye Mask/ 3. Butterflies and Vines Herbal Heat Packs/ 4. Vintage Domino Magazines/ 5. Tea Forte Ginger Lemongrass Tea/ 6. Michael Aram Botanical Tea Pot/ 7. Lynx Faux Fur Throw/ 8. Clayton Gray Home Aqua Tissue Box/ 9. Jo Malone Citrus Candle/ 10. Kate Spade Illustrated Mug Series/


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