Yellow is summer sweet; black is a bit of a sting. The striped contrast of the bumblebee is a spring sign of both, and it's equal parts softness and daring when designing a room.

As it happens, I'm not designing anything right now, seeing as how I'm still moving/lacking most of my furniture. I'm also not decorating with black and yellow, but for some reason, I have rather a lot of it laying around. So I piled it all in one place (hoping against hope that it would resemble a couch). And then I went in search of other, better-composed palettes.

A pile of similarly colored items in my apartment.

Other people's piles...

Wearstler, Apartment Therapy, Canadian House and Home, Jenna LyonsWearstler.


Karena said...

Really quite striking and elegant. Love the palette, it is wonderfullly unique! Great images especially of your montage..

Art by Karena

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The Decorator said...

Yellow really does make me happy!

quintessence said...

Love the graphic punch and your lovely pile of accumulated bumble colors!!

Ingrid Mida said...

Yellow and black really make for a bold statement! I can appreciate it but prefer to live with a more subdued palette myself - all the better backdrop for some really bold artwork.

123Dview said...

Very cool yellow themed house! The furniture is gorgeous especially the one in the bedroom, the throw pillows are cute and lastly the wallpaper in the bedroom is lovely! Great post you have there! Check out also 3D Rendering

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I love black and yellow. Yellow just lifts my mood even if it's just in flowers or bedding plants. I loved th painting so much in Kelly W.'s designed room that I talked my youngest son into copying it for me.

Happy Sunday!

Mens Fashion said...

I prefer yellow or white color when it comes to curtains and blue color for some stuff and furniture.

Unknown said...

Bumble bee colors can be so wonderful! A friend had almost convinced me to paint my gray walls white when I just happened to see this photo on your post today {the one with the zebra rug} I'm re-thinking the painting.

xo Mary Jo


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