The rewards of cleaning out the closet! I found several sheets of a bamboo trellis paper from Elum, ordered ages ago from Paper Mojo for a DIY project that never got off the ground. I've been eyeing my sad Billy Bookcase from IKEA for a while, and this paper seemed like a great way to dress it up.

The green and white pattern makes a crisp match to the white case.

Boring Billy! This plainly (pun intended) needs some work. Most of the time this project starts with pulling the back off the bookcase, but I'm a lazy DIYer. A VERY lazy DIYer. I also settled for double stick tape instead of mod podge or glue.

For bookcases like mine that aren't brand new, the shelves will already have some sag in them, so just measuring won't do. I held the paper up and fit it in place, creasing in the correct corners for an indication of where to cut later. Then I rimmed it with double-stick tape, with an X across the middle for good measure.

Affixing the first piece. Start at the top, with the shelves out, and work your way down. Pattern matching on a paper like this is not as tricky as you'd think; the repeat on this trellis is a tough match, but the busyness and bright color conceal an inexact match.

Afix and smooth the remaining sheets, and you're all done!

Styling is still TBD, but I'm already enjoying the bright punch of color this brings to the hall! 


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