Sometimes, blogland feels like an imaginary decorland, full of pretty pictures of pretty houses, where pretty people live (interactive Architectural Digest meets The Thomas Crowne Affair or something). But every now and then, you get a chance to interact with the virtual world in the real world, even while on a shopping expedition! I visited friends in Nashville this week, and had a chance to swing by the A Flair for Vintage Decor shop in the Gas Lamps Antique Mall, where blogger Caroline hosts a collection of lovely chinoiserie pieces that would do Palm Beach proud. I had so much fun!

I wanted so badly to strap this baby to the roof of my car and head home. But, right now, all my available shelf space has to be filed with millions of stone-weight tomes that would bring down this delicate beauty faster than you can say "book addict." In my next apartment...

These faux bamboo chairs were just lovely in person, and surprisingly comfy (I'M not the person who put the pillows back wrong...).

A fun pop of color - and ANOTHER amazing chair. I wanted them all, but I already sit too much. Maybe I could start a chair museum.

Or a table museum...

Ok. So it was me who put the pillow back sideways.

Yowzah! A China-style china cabinet to put your china in. I could get all three of my sets in here, with room to spare!

The rest of Gas Lamps was a treat too. It's HUGE, and my friends agreed that we were suffering from sensory overload - it took forever to pick through all the booths, and we found some great pieces. So my advice is:  go to Nashville for the (Palm) beach; stay for the (vintage) bounty. 

Happy New Year!


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