Soffit (saw-fit). def.  The underside of an architectural structure such as an arch or overhanging eaves. An odd plague of city-dwellers, apartment complexes, and handy-man renos. "Miss Muffet's odd soffits drove her so mad she dropped her curds and whey."

When I first entered the apartment in which I now dwell, I saw very little of it. From the sky-gazing picture windows, to the gleaming parque floors and shiny white walls, I was practically (joyously) blind with ample lighting and shimmering surfaces (like the pack rat, I am obsessed with shiny things). It wasn't until the shades were drawn and the lamps flipped on that I saw a different side of my apartment. The underside. Everywhere, like some large scale geometry experiment, were right angles. Even the soffits had soffits. I've borne these construction contortions rather well - it's all a bit over my head (ha) - but I'm beginning to contemplate improvements. Should I highlight them? Cover them? Paint them? Miss Muffet turned to the interwebs for inspiration.

This most closely resembles my soffit situation. What's in those things? 

High drama soffiting - stick some lights on those babies! "What, this old soffit? So intentional - planned it, you know."

What soffit? I don't see a soffit. Do you?

Cover it up in a cool way - here, plank flooring takes a walk on the high side. 

Do you have any soffit tips or tricks to share?


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