Flower (Staying) Power

The doorbell rings, you drop whatever you're doing and think: "it's probably the neighbor, the mailman, a salesman." Instead, there's a bouquet of flowers and your day is suddenly that much brighter. I was lucky enough to get a lovely bouquet this week, and almost as soon as I sat it out I thought how nice it would be to have flowers in every room. Why not? I pulled out several color groups from the larger bouquet, and distributed them around. Now my entire apartment looks and smells lovely. Try this yourself if you get a large arrangement and want it to go the extra mile.

The original bouquet:

A smaller floral grouping to brighten up the bathroom (in a drinking glass, no less. I ran out of vases, but a glass will do in a pinch):

Lilies can perfume any room - a bedroom side table is an especially lovely place for an arrangement:

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