Bunny's Best

Bunny Williams and Interior Design are things that go together. She's the grande dame of good taste, but unless you're on visiting terms with her exclusive clientele, you're unlikely to have a look at her work in person. Until now. Ms. Williams new line Beeline Home will soon be available in stores around the country. Here's a sampling, and some of her glorious full-room designs.

Regale Arm Chair. How lovely is the back? It reminds me of classic Armani: formal front, surprise in the back.

And gracefully taking its place in a room:

Her beautiful Twigs Mirror. Stunning! It's gorgeous in this formal setting, but it would also have flash in a bare white room with a few touches of color.

Would you have picked any of the items in this room to go together? There are shiny metals, rough nature, wild pattern, and subdued solids. And it all clicks.

A statement wall display, and an easy one to duplicate at home. Find some great architectural prints or maps, but hang them in a strict setting. The structured look is unifying.

The greek key work and columns are a theme throughout; the silk wallpaper is pure decadence.

It's all in the details. Star touches like this stunning mirror and black and white maze floor make these rooms memorable.

Images: Bunny Williams


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