coral, Coral, CORAL!

The latest from my coral addiction issues, which the home design and fashion industries have apparently conspired to support. My new favorite online shop is Z Gallerie. Because...

Tired of red? Try it in blue!

P.S. Does the coral pillow look familiar? The illustration is from Albertus Seba's book,  Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.

Images: Z Gallerie. Book cover:


Beth Connolly said...

I love coral, but always think it's going to look too beachy in my house. Have you done a post showing how to use coral in non beach houses? I would enjoy seeing that.

Sanity Fair said...

That's a great suggestion! I'll have to look into doing a post on it. I think the key is to avoid using too much - and not in conjunction with other "beachy" things: pastels, seagrass, shells, blue and white, etc. Using it in very formal areas, out of the "ocean" context as Duquette did keeps it from being too weekend house.


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