Designer Spotlight: Barbara Heath

Gifted Atlanta designer and shop owner Barbara Heath has an interview and photo spread in the latest Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.
An excerpt from her interview:

"My design philosophy is… be true to your vision, and keep it personal. Your home should be your respite, the one place where you can be yourself. If it’s not an expression of who you are, then it won’t feel like home at all.

My greatest inspiration is… my family. My parents wanted to instill an appreciation of art, design, literature and music in my brother and me. They sent me to The Conservatory at the College of Performing Arts, where I earned a teaching degree in piano, so I was able to instruct friends throughout my college career at Benedictine University.

My look is… about combining traditional styling with contemporary things. Traditional and modern details can coexist, and together they create more value and depth."

Her store, The Mercantile, is located in Atlanta's stately Buck Head neighborhood. Check out the CHAIRS!

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