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I'm loving this month's Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles feature on the Douglass home in Peachtree Heights (for those of you not familiar with Hotlanta, everything is named Peachtree, including pets). Here's the lovely tudor-style exterior.

And (are you ready for a surprise?) here's the interior.

Kay Douglass found this charming house quite by accident years ago when driving around the neighborhood. She left the owners a note in their mailbox, asking them to call her if they would ever consider selling. She never heard back. Fast forward several years, and Douglass was again on the market for a new home, and not finding much to her liking. The realtor called her with one last place to check out. The surprise? It was the home she'd fallen in love with so long ago. Douglass set about modernizing the interior and brightening the space to offset the relative smallness of the rooms. The dining room was done in the same grey as a fireplace mantle, giving it an outdoor seating area feel.

Bright colors enliven the all-white space in the bedrooms.

A simple but elegantly conceived bathroom brings the outdoors in.

For more great finds, check out Kay Douglass' shop online: South Market. 

All images, AtlantaHomesMag.com.


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