Banana Republic Launches Another Internet Tab, Confuses Me

Banana Republic and I are practically in a committed relationship - B.R. calls me every now and then, sends me frequent emails, AND snail mail (that's love). But lately I'm a little confused by the signals. $10 dresses? $300 handbags? Marc Jacobs heels AND clearance flip flops for $5 on the same website? It's kind of like multiple personality disorder. The reason for all this variety is the mall-online concept that Banana Republic has embraced - open, and you'll see tabs for Old Navy (the flipflops), Piperlime (the MJ heels), Gap, and now, a new brand called Athleta. And whichever "store" you shop at, everything goes in the same shopping cart. It's one-stop checkout. I think I like this (I say, I think) because it's wonderfully convenient and I really only have to visit one website for my tees and other basics. The bad news is that the brands are beginning to feel a little blurred. Even the new one, Athleta, seems a bit familiar.  Can you tell the difference between the lines? Quiz below.

1. Which shirt is from where? (answers at the end of the post). One tee is $10, the other is $6.99.

2. Stumped? What about this. One sandals is $69, the other is $19.50.

3. Yoga pants. But which is which? One pair is $45, the other $15.

Answer key: 1. First shirt is  Gap, $6.99. Second shirt is Old Navy, $10.00.  2. First sandal is Old Navy, $19.50. Second sandal is Banana Republic, $69.00. 3. First yoga pant is Old Navy, $15.00. Second yoga pant is Athleta, $45.00. 
How did YOU do? 

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annechovie said...

I am with you....too many choices! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your comment!

Beth Connolly said...

I so flunked and am so confused!

Sanity Fair said...

Annechovie, thanks for stopping by!

Sanity Fair said...

style redux - I know - I kept getting confused after I uploaded the pictures because I couldn't remember which "store" did what - it's so similar!

MK said...

Two and a half out of three. :-) I correctly identified the shirt in the firt pair as Gap, but wasn't positive about where the second was from.

Sanity Fair said...

Nice work! I should have given prizes for best guess - I think it's a tough quiz, frankly.

Averill said...

I'll admit it, I did terribly (and I, too, am in a long term relationship with BR). I loved it when they added Piperlime, and I understand the value in different price points (hence the need for Old Navy, Gap AND BR). But if you're going to sell high, middle, and low, be sure the high and middle are distinctly different (and worth the extra $$) from the low!

Christine said...

I love this collection!! Dresses and sandals are looking nice!! I too love to shop at Banana Republic...


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