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I'm not a huge follower of celeb fashion, but I am a fan of Anne Hathaway (hello, Devil Wears Prada).  When I stumbled across these snaps of her in Valentino at the Rodeo Walk of Style event, I had to share.  Can you be cutting edge modern and floral feminine at the same time?  YES, says Anne. Note the nude heels - they keep the outfit from being too girly, and put the focus on the dress. 

Here's the outfit - take notice, brunettes! This is the look for you.

Here's the dress alone and a side shot of the coat. 

P.S. I really like the touch of aqua in the ring - just to shake the color wheel up a bit.

Images: Bloom.acious.


The Antiques Diva™ said...

Simply Gorgeous.

A brunette (with pale skin) myself I would have never chosen the dress - thinking the pale color would do nothing for my complexion and I doubt I would have ever paired the red overcoat with the dress – that said, Anne Hathaway’s stylist deserves a medal. She looks stunning and it’s a lesson for me, in looking beyond the dress. I love overcoats and you’re right, it is so modern yet fresh and feminine! It makes me in the mood for a little spring shopping!!!

Beth Connolly said...

I adore this look-so elegant!

Sanity Fair said...

As a fellow pale brunette, I have to agree! It's a surprising combo, and a good one!

Sarah Klassen said...

Great post! Anne Hathaway is one of my all-time favorite actresses. As you aforementioned, "The Devil Wears Prada" - she was such a star! I appreciate her class, style sense, and flair.

I also love her entire outfit. As a natural redhead, but more on the strawberry blonde side, I wear nearly every color, as long as the tone is right...but I wish I could put an outfit together with this much red! Beautiful...


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