Feminine Revolution

Finally. We had the feminist revolution and now we can enjoy the feminine revolution! No more blah-nilla folders. No more ugly yellow stickies. No more dippy plastic pencil cups. Woman can be powerful AND pretty. As Maggie sings in Funny Face: "banish the black... and bury the beige! From now on girls... Think Pink!" And any other colors or patterns, I might add. All items below from the terrific website, See Jane Work.

One of my favorite finds: this "framed" chalkboard would make a great reminder board at work.

I also fell in love with these desk trays by Thomas Paul - adorable, and only $8!

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Jenn @ Dear Heart said...

I looove See Jane Work! I have basically moved into my office this month, and I've been thinking about sprucing up the desk to make it more bearable. Lots of cute ideas here.

Sanity Fair said...

Agreed! I was so delightful to find that site - after many depressing trips to the Office Depot! Thanks for stopping by.


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