Paris In Your Living Room.

According to the New York Times, Jennifer Clark's murals are "wall coverings that almost require a passport." These gorgeous photo murals are large enough to cover a wall and change the feel of an entire room. And at $199, they won't break your bank doing it. Available at Target.


Beth Connolly said...

These would truly transform a room

Sarah Klassen said...

Typically, I'm not a huge fan of murals, but no.3 is exactly what certain parts of France are like! I love the almost imperfect/sketchy style, as well. Thanks for sharing~

Sanity Fair said...

SR2 - Wouldn't it? I would love to do these on a wall behind a bed with a white headboard.

Sanity Fair said...

Sarah - I thought so too! The Eiffel Tower is a bit more touristy but the others feel very authentic.


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