R.I.P., Domino

The website came down today. No more easy-access paint amount calculators, no more Dear Marian advice on the stubborn curtain problem, no more random color discoveries ("a black bathroom can be cool!"). No more Domino. Alas, to be taken from us so soon at the tender age of four.

However, there is one Flickr of hope on the horizon - the Domino Magazine Files on Flickr! Adoring readers are posting all their My Deco File photo downloads in an effort to keep the fabulous Domino archive alive and accessible. So open your files and contribute! Flickr The Domino Magazine Files. Thanks to Coco + Kelly for posting about this!

Images: Domino Magazine


Anonymous said...

I love the magazine, but if they would only tell us as subscribers what on earth they're going to do with the months left on our subscriptions, that would be nice. Refund? "Lucky" as a substitute? Conde Nast's customer service = abysmal.

Sanity Fair said...

It's true. Check out this post by Style Redux:

She called and still couldn't get an answer!!! AD is a great magazine, but it's for a VERY different audience. Bad choice Conde Nast. I don't think in the long run it will serve them well to desert the new (young) design generation.

Beth Connolly said...

They have a very annoying arrogance about this whole thing. I think Conde Nast considers Domino subscribers their former riff-raff they they'd just as soon leave behind.

Sanity Fair said...

I agree - CN has been SO high handed about this. It's dangerous too - the AD demographic is considerably older. Who are the replacement readers going to be?


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