Shop Feature: Duh for Garden and Home

While cold fronts and tornadoes were ravaging the mid-South and Eastern Seaboard this week, I was kicking back at the Gulf (sorry everyone!) and enjoying some great shopping. I'll feature a few stores here this week, including fabulous finds, so stay tuned if a summer trip to Florida is in your future!

The first thing I noticed about Duh was the name - not a typical home decor nomer, but after a few minutes inside I realized why. Why would you shop anywhere else - duh! Their selection was GORGEOUS, and it went on forever through buildings, bungalows, an outdoor terrace, and pebbled courtyards pretty enough for a party (turns out, they occasionally do throw benefits and events in-store). Duh carries lighting, accessories, furniture (indoor and patio), outdoor accessories, plants, and dish ware. Duh for Garden and Home is located at 501 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32501, (850) 439-0640.

A lovely selection of lapis colored pots.

A seating arrangement and dining room in the modern French style with a touch of beach thrown in - all creams, silvers, and blacks.

Cute and practical outdoor seating. Green and white is always right.

The outdoor courtyard was framed by massive shelves layered in pots and plants - any shape or size.

The largest free-standing wall cabinet I've ever seen. The cabinet is new and custom stained to match the antique European doors affixed to the front.  You would have to take it apart to get it inside most houses! 

A great lighting fixture - it somehow manages to be structured and natural at the same time.

Selections of dishes and table accessories (the wall was so large I couldn't fit it all into one picture).


ticklishfromadistance said...

Love the name and the fixture is so cool!

Donna Gotlib said...

Looks like a wonderful find. What a fun blog you have!

Beth Connolly said...

Duh is just the best name ever.

Sanity Fair said...

G and Style Redux - I agree! At first I couldn't figure out what sort of store it was - the building looks like a shack, with a big green D-U-H out front. It was a great find!

Sanity Fair said...

Donna, thanks - and thanks for stopping by! I love your drawings!

Shawn/LifeatButtercupFarm said...

I love when I find a great store to find great things. I live in an area of "chains". Real estate is so expensive that "little" guys can't make it. Thanks for sharing, I am in Fl. alot and will have to follow your posts this week for future shopping trips.

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, love it when other creative bloggers take us on tour, never know what kind of interesting inspiration you might find. Thanks for sharing.


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