The Examined Life

Do you journal? What sort of journal personality are you?

Plane Jane basic, frills-free. Your thoughts don't need embellishment.

No - you're an astute fashionista, a trendsetter. In your hands, an LV Agenda's pages are replaced with lined sheets. You linger at the cafe over crepes and record your chic life. 

BUT... today you're also an intellectual - with flair. The journal of choice for Van Gogh and Hemingway is your ideal. But the modern version in pink (or green) is your style. 

Or... perhaps today is just a day for play - and jotting down a few jokes. Kate Spade's papers are perfect.

Hmmm... but what have YOU been up to? Life is an adventure, after all. 

Especially when you're traveling the world!  Today, Venice.  Tomorrow, Fiji.  Your daily life could fill a book - or be a book.  The publisher just called. 
Or maybe you'd just like to have a journal for one trip - to the beach, perhaps, and your sunny friend Lilly Pulitzer would love to tag along.

At the end of the day though, you just want to go home. Cozy, modern, or daring, your nest is YOU, and beautiful Italian marbled journals reflect your taste for quality.  A perfect design. 
Who will you be today?
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Alicia said...

I'd die without mine and currently its lime moleskin with creamy thick pages.
Words are my air...can't brethe without them.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Hmmm....I use my journals from my line so I am lucky as I sort of have free range to pick! I am a jotter. I write snippets here and there, works best for me that way.

Beth Connolly said...

I am not a journal user at all. I am a list maker and love beautiful note pads and pens. But these have made a convert out of me. I love the last ones with the Italian marbled papers especially. Gorgeous!

Southern Chateau said...

I love journals! I try to write as much as possible. It keeps me sane. Carol

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm a moleskin girl, but those Italian Marble babies are classy! Love journals, but always a bid timid to spill my guts for fear they will be read once I'm gone!

studioJudith said...

Who will you be today ??? ... .
is the Perfect Quesiton:
each of your beautiful journals reflects such a different mood.

I must say , I've never liked choosing a journal out of a box -
so I make my own books ... . which
allows me the freedom to express
my ever changing moods & modes of life!


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I am kind of liking the LV journal. I start a lot of journals....but never finish them. I do use a purse-sized Moleskin to jot down app't as I have given up on my Blackberry....does that count?

Christina said...

moleskin, hands down. (except i don't journal, just for notes!)

Ingrid Mida said...

I bought the most beautiful journal ever in Paris - it was covered in fuschia pink silk. I normally go for the plain Jane cheaper sort of journal since I go through so many, but I justified it because I needed one on the spot (having filled one up already) and because I was in Paris!


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