Henry Moore at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Two of my favorite things are going to be together at the Atlanta Botanical Garden this summer:  art and flowers.  The touring exhibit, Moore in America, features some of the English artist's best pieces amid the lovely settings of the ABG.  An even better plan? Visit the exhibit during the regular Thursday evening Cocktails in the Garden to see the massive sculptures lit dramatically. Time Magazine rated this one of the top 10 museum exhibits in the country, so if you're in the Atlanta area (or end up with a long layover in the world's busiest airport) it's well worth a visit!

Moore's aptly named Oval with Points.

Moore's sculptures can be quite large, and it took some real effort to get them installed.  Hard to believe this is a traveling exhibit.  

An example of incorporating the plants with the sculptures - nicely done.

Images, Atlantabotanicalgarden.org.


ticklishfromadistance said...

Insane talent.

Sanity Fair said...

Too true - I really enjoyed browsing through images of his works online - a lot of variety.

Beth Connolly said...

Such a brilliant artist. Thank you for this lovely post. I am an avid gardener and so enjoy wonderful sculpture in the garden.

Sanity Fair said...

I also love the sculpture garden in DC at the National Gallery - Calder and other modern artists are featured. And they have great jazz there in the summer.

Cathleen Cooke said...

Thanks for the mention! Be sure to check out the Moore in America blog too... http://www.mooreinamerica.blogspot.com/
Cathlee, ABG Exhibitions Manager

Andrew said...

Right on. Henry Moore sculptures are definitely some of my favorite. Kind of sensual I think.

Sanity Fair said...

Thanks Cathleen! Cathleen's blog Moore in America has a great behind the scenes of the exhibit and its construction - check it out here: mooreinamerica.blogspot.com .

Sanity Fair said...

Ander thanks for the link - some nice pieces.


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