I always forget that Urban Outfitters sells home decor - and it's a shame! They have some really fun pieces out just now.

Atlas Wall Tapestry, $36, in super-sized orange and white.

Hall too small for a table? No problem! Really cool Table Sillhoute Decal, $38.

Gypsy Chandelier in carnival colors, $158.

An optical illusion on cotton: Trees Pillowcase Set, $24.

All images, Urban Outfitters.


Beth Connolly said...

I actually like UO for home decor-my daughter Kate's Georgetown apartment doesn't have a fireplace, and we found a decal one at UO that is quite chic. Some of their furniture is nice too for the price-especially for a first apartment.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Love UO for many things. I have some great throws from there that we use for everything from tablecloths to baseball seating, and I love them. Everyone always asks me where I got them and they were like $7 each!!!

Sanity Fair said...

SR - they do have great deals on little things. A lot of their accessories are very trendy too - a great way to get a little something recent without breaking the budget.

Sanity Fair said...

G, I know! I have a great UO lamp that looks really expensive. Everyone always wants to know where it's from. Sometimes I tell :)


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