How To: Dresser Transformation

As promised yesterday, here is designer Adrienne Lemmond's cheap and cheerful nursery decor tip:  how to Mod Podge a bedroom dresser to coordinate with your decor. Of course, you can use this anywhere in your home, not just the nursery!

Made with love. Adrienne created this colorful Mod Podge-decorated dresser for her own nursery. 
Note the cute curtains behind as well!

Here's the nitty gritty.
Supplies:  You'll need decorative paper, scissors, foam brushes, and Mod Podge (see www.plaidonline.com/apmp.asp).
1) Measure the drawer front and precut the paper to fit (in a patterend paper like this, it's important to piece it together to make sure the pattern lines up).
2) Then coat the entire surface of the drawer front with a layer of Mod Podge. Adrienne used a small foam brush to apply it (Mod Podge is like glue so you will have to throw away whatever you use).
3) Place the paper on the now tacky surface, starting at the top and slowly laying the paper down against the drawer while smoothing it to get rid of any air bubbles. Smooth gently; the paper will tear easily as it gets saturated with the Mod Podge.
4) Once you are done applying the paper, wait overnight for it to dry and then “paint” the top of the paper with a thin layer of the Mod Podge. You can coat it several times, but let it dry between coats. This top layer will create a protective seal over the paper. Mod Podge comes in either a matte or glossy finish to match whatever look you are trying to achieve. Adrienne used the glossy here because she thought it looked more feminine.

For more of Adrienne's creativity, visit her Etsy shop, LilaGrace Designs. 
Picture courtesy of Adrienne Lemmond. 


Beth Connolly said...

What a darling idea. It is getting spooky how our posts are often on the same wave length isn't it? (My post today on Chinoiserie Chic is a grown-up version)

amybluestar said...

This is awesome! Would you be ever so willing to let me post on my blog devoted to Mod Podge?


I hearby swear to give all of the credit where it is definitely due!

Great post - and great blog!

Sanity Fair said...

Yes it's spooky - at least we provide complete coverage for adults AND kids! This filing cabinet is incredible. http://chinoiseriechic.blogspot.com/2009/05/chinoiserie-office.html

Sanity Fair said...

Hi Amy! I shot you an email with details. Enjoyed your blog! Very fun ideas.

pve design said...

I have the perfect little night stand to do something like this to - I picked it up in the trash several years ago and had painted it, but this would freshen it up!

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