J.Crewaholics Anonymous

Oh no.  I knew I was in over my head the second I saw the blog J.Crewaholics.
As my friends will tell you, I wear a LOT of J.Crew - their quality costume jewelry, colorful silks, and fancifully patterned shoes are always ending up in my closet.  (When J.Crew designer Jenna Lyons was featured in Domino magazine it was a seminal moment for moi.)  But everything will be OK - J.Crewaholics: the blog, is here for me.  Author Leigh canvases everything from special coupons, store openings, celebrity J.Crew attire sightings, and magazine features. There's also a section to help you find missed favorites on ebay, and one on weddings. It's a one-stop scoop on all things J.Crew (and the graphic design is adorable).  Happy Shopping!  


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