Water Lilies at the High

Monet is as omnipresent in American culture today as MTV. From the movie Clueless ("she's a full on Monet - from far away she looks good, but up close she's just a big mess") to umbrellas and place mats, our favorite French artist is everywhere. The sad truth is, his paintings have a marvelous depth and texture that can't be duplicated in photographs or copies - in fact, in person they resemble very little the flat, colorless imitators printed on your desk calendar. You owe it to yourself to see his work in person, and if you're going to be in Atlanta, you're in luck - the water lilies are coming to the High Museum.  

On loan from the Met, the exhibition includes a 42 - foot water lily painting.

Monet making a fashion statement - vests are in.

The water lily paintings will be on display starting June 6.  Visit the High website for more details.  
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