Lauder Beauty

Design beauty, that is. I was so inspired when I saw the latest issue of Elle Decor featuring Aerin Lauder's East Coast homes. Often when paging through magazines I see bits here or there to take away, but every now and then a home really resonates with me. There's a lot here I wouldn't hesitate to do.

Blue and white is so common and yet so powerful.The mixture of brown/white and blue/white here brings a high society look back to nature. The wall vases are antique delft.

Does this remind anyone else of Sister Parish's White House bedroom design for Jackie Kennedy? I think it's the shade of blue, tall window treatments, and gilt - not identical by any means, but the feel is very similar.

A boy's room - and it's NOT in blue! This is a fresh, citrusy look, but it's still male. The subtle jungle elements in the wallpaper are well accented by the stuffed menagerie. My only hesitation? Such a lot of white on that bedspread - I feel sticky fingers in the future...

All images, Elle Decor Magazine. 


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