I was browsing the Target website the other day and noticed this bag. Look familiar?

It should. It's a very close replica of a COACH classic gallery tote (see below). I couldn't find an image of it, but I recall this particular style also came in green - though not the putrid shade above. As copies go, I thought this one is pretty blatant. You can't tell in this image, but some of the COACH gallery totes have a double bib, as pictured above. Notice the curved feet insets, handles, overall shape and similar hardware.
Copyright issues are very complex, because the line between a copy and an inspiration (and who did what first) can be very subjective. For me, this looks more like a copy.


Gucci Tattoo Collection, Fall 2008

COACH Tattoo Collection, Spring 2009

I think that this is a horse of a different color; the IDEA is the same (tattoos), but the execution is different. Similar? Yes. The same? No. But then again, it's purely subjective. What do you think? Is it copying or inspiration?

Bag 1: Target. Bag 2: COACH. Bags 3 &4: Gucci. Bags 5&6: COACH.


The Townhouselady said...

Been happening since the dawn of time. I'm not opposed to it either. It gives everyone the opportunity to own something tastefully styled.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I agree with my friend the Townhouselady. It does share good taste with the masses. I'm grateful!

Alicia said...

Inspiration is always good, knocking it right off..not!!!!
I luv Target. Giving the general public a chance to embrace design is always a postivie thing & they do it better than anyone else in retail. Wise, wise wise.

Ingrid Mida said...

Copyright versus inspiration seems to be the topic of the moment. Diane Von Furstenburg was recently implicated in a controversy over her "inspiration". I'm not sure how you decide an issue like that. In the case of Coach, they also seem to have taken "inspiration" from Hermes enamel bracelets.

Averill said...

You're right -- the issue is very complicated. Somehow the law has decided (for now) that so long as you don't copy the logo, you can generally get away with pretty blatant ripoffs [cf. just about anything Forever21 puts out]. That said, I'd much rather buy something inexpensive that's cute in its own right than something inexpensive that's just trying to look like something high end.

Designers aren't the exclusive purveyours of good taste, to be sure, and I think generally Target has shown that by having designers come in to design small, ORIGINAL capsule collections for a fraction of the price of their own labels.


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