The Coral Desk

I haven't posted on coral in a little while, and lest everyone think I'm slipping, here's a fresh dose. In the Summer spirit, I'm loving the idea of a matching desk set in coral branch patterns of orange and blue. My inspiration for this color combination is blogging friend Anne Harwell, of Annechovie, and her wonderful depiction of an antique French chair, available on Etsy. Anne is a gifted artist and does beautiful prints of homes and objets d'art. 

It's unfortunate that often we spend so much of our lives in the office, and so little thought on how that space affects us. Wonderful store, Iomoi, has the most beautiful office accessories (my thanks to Beth at Chinoiserie Chic for bringing Iomoi to my attention!).

Iomoi Shipping Labels

Business Cards

A Stylish Lucite Tray

A Personalized Paperweight


And a Thomas Paul floor rug - just the thing to tie it all together!
Credits:  Chair artwork, courtesy of Anne Harwell. Office products, Iomoi. Rug, Thomas Paul.


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