My (Uninteresting) Lovely Things

Tag, I'm it! Creative talent Sarah Klassen of Haute Design tagged me to list 6 lovely and uninteresting things around my home (be sure to check out her own very unique list). Really, I think all lovely things ARE interesting no matter how common, so maybe I bend the rules a bit here... perhaps? 

1. Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE! My cup of Joe is the reason I arise each morning. I can't face all that wretched sunshine and good cheer without some fortification. And believe me, you don't want to talk to me until I do.

2. Flats. I do love a pair of heels, but my uniform is stylish flats, calvin klein jeans, a little jacket, and a big necklace. My favorite flats for winter are Tory Burch and Pretty Ballerinas. In summer, it's Miss Trish of Capri and GAP - I love to be active, and I just feel ready to run in a good pair of flats! And yes, I do tend to store them in piles like this... my closet skills leave a little to be desired. 

3. Cupcakes. There should be many, many more of these around my house. Especially Mint Julep ones! Check out the blog Monogram Momma for the recipe! 

4. Books. I chose this image because it resembles my library, insomuch as they both contain books. Alas, the similarities end there, but I'm dreaming big. And in the meantime, I'm collecting as many books as I can (to whit:  after four days of antique shopping in Georgia all I managed to come home with was... antique books.  And prints from antique books. Hopeless.). Whether it's a gorgeous art book or a favorite dog-eared novel, books are a common and essential part of my home.

5. Headbands.  I have an ongoing battle with my hair - some moments I like it down, others, I can't bear to have it around my face... the consequence is that my house is littered with headbands. Most are pretty casual, but for a party, I'd wear something like this beautiful peacock feather band from LovMely Accessories on Etsy. Isn't it charming?  

6. Blankets.  What is more common or more cozy than a blanket? I use blankets just as much in summer as in winter - perhaps more.  It's a constant battle with the a/c down South!
What common items can you not get by without? 

Coffee: stylist Lucyina Moodie.
Flats: Harper's Bazaar image of Aerin Lauder's closet via Moodboard.
Blankets: Joe Tyler.


Maureen Stevens said...

Cool choices! I especially love those cupcakes...haven't tried mint julep ones. I bet they're wonderful!

Molly said...

Books & headbands would probably be on my list also!

paula said...

blankets should have been on my list too:)

sophiedahydesigns said...

I find your uninteresting things fascinating! I read about Pretty Ballerinas on "Summer is a Verb" and want to order some. How did you pick the size you ordered? Did it take long to get them? I have never ordered anything from England via the Web so have been a bit hesitant. The size thing concerns me.

Ingrid Mida said...

Coffee, cupcakes and books make my list too!! Every time I take a trip I come home with far too many books weighing down my luggage.

Averill said...

Lovely choices! I'm a huge fan of flats as well (I'm 6' flat footed so it's not like I need the extra inches anyway!) and I'm so happy that there are so many wonderful options out there. My favorite right now are DVF flats. They're definitely the most comfortable pairs I own.

Sanity Fair said...

Sophie Dahy Designs - I actually had the experience of trying the Pretty Ballerinas on in person, which was lucky (they have one store in NY, Mascaro). They're European sizes, but fairly reliable as far as the chart with U.S. to Euro sizes. They're also very supple leather, which should give it a little more flexibility with sizing. I would check out the return policy and see how easy it is to exchange if the size is wrong - I order a fair number of shoes online, and I've never been stuck with a pair that didn't work. Hope it works for you!

Southern Aspirations said...

Interesting choices! I like them and especially like the illustrations you selected, especially the books one. And must try the mint julep cupcakes...

Beth Connolly said...

Great list-I love the headbands, cupcakes, and books. If you get up to DC we have to go to Georgetown Cupcake! I'm doing my list on CC tomorrow.

ticklishfromadistance said...

books, flowers,coffee, beer, j. crew flip-flops, crisp pencils and sticky notes.

Unknown said...

Love your list. Blankets is such a great pick, and for me, I'm always chilly!

ps I will add you to my links asap!


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