Stately Oaks Plantation

A while ago I visited Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro, GA, just south of Atlanta. The house and grounds are in beautiful condition. All the buildings are historic, though this wasn't their original location; the big house, cabins, an indian camp, and a general store were relocated here. Part of Jonesboro's claim to fame is as the setting of Gone With The Wind...

"Rhett, I'm home!"

A bit more modest than Tara, but then, Hollywood DOES exaggerate.

Fell in love with this dining room. It's decorated to period, but reminds me strongly of Monet's rooms at Giverny. Notice the little object hanging in the right window? It's a fly catcher - a little blue and white porcelain jug, with holes around the side and molasses on the bottom. Life was much harder before modern conveniences, but that didn't prevent determined taste-makers from leading beautiful lives.

Monet's dining room. Another wonderful example of sunny yellow and bright blues. VERY yellow in fact!

This last (far more humble) building is the kitchen. Kitchens during this period had such a nefarious habit of burning down, they were kept as far away from the house as possible.  I share the same sentiments today - but only because I hate cooking!
Images: Stately Oaks, my own. Monet's dining room,


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