Americana All Year Round

The Fourth of July is always a bright, fun-filled holiday, heavy with color. But for some homes, a more subtle approach can be very attractive, and a patriotic theme can work longer than a few days a year. The new Americana collection at Wisteria reminded me of some of my favorite patriotic decorations.

This regimental drum basket from Wisteria would look wonderful 
filled with a bouquet of flags or festive flowers, such as red tulips.

Folk art and traditional American symbols are a subtle way to bring a patriotic touch to the home.

You can use traditional wooden game boards as trays or table decoration as well.

Or, find something you enjoy that reflects a famous American home, such as a mirror reminiscent of the White House.
Products: Wisteria. Sketches: the White House. Table: 


Southern Aspirations said...

love the mirrors, especially!

annechovie said...

Early American decor always reminds me of my childhood and the popularity during that era. Hope you had a great 4th!

Sanity Fair said...

Southern Aspirations - I love that mirror! The stars are great.

Sanity Fair said...

Thanks Anne! I hope you did too!


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