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A little while ago my friend Liz over at Frugally Blonde asked me to do a guest post on frugal clothing finds. Unfortunately between mutual trips and some technical difficulties, I missed when the post went up! So, without further ado, I'd like to say a big THANKS to Liz for the honor of contributing to Frugally Blonde, and provide a preview.

Guest Post: The Cheap and Chic Wedding Challenge
This time of year, there are so many weddings - indoor, outdoor, evening, morning. What's a girl to do? AFTER the gifts, the airfare, and the hotel rooms, your little wallet is gasping. But you really don't want to show up in last year's togs (especially not when the pictures come out). Here are some inexpensive ideas for making your new purchases multitask to save serious coinage, all based around a versatile dress for only $42.

GRAND TOTAL? $145.78

For the rest of the outfit options for this dress, click here.

Thanks Liz!


Kitty said...

Damnable weddings! It seems in every young woman's life, there is a time lasting about four summers when one's entire social scene consists of wedding after wedding! I think one of the most considerate things a sister can do is to ask her friends to just wear the (whatever color) dress of their choice rather than over-paying for a cheesy bridesmaid's dress. Then the dress can actually be worn to other events. I talked one of my sisters in law into the bridesmaids in black and it was an absolutely elegant night wedding that cost practically nothing for the attendants. Everyone looked great because each dress flattered the individual wearers.

annechovie said...

I love your picks and your style. Thanks also for the sweet comment on clayton gray - I appreciate it!

down and out chic said...

love the sweet colors in this outfit. this is my kind of shopping for sure.

Sam said...

Great to know for a students budget. Just got a few wedding invitations and I am starting to get nervous about what to wear....


Sam @PrettyLovely

Averill said...

Very cute! As Kitty to aptly put it, I'm definitely in the wedding phase right now and am always looking for fun, inexpensive options.

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