Rainy Days

I feel a little rain coming on - very fashionable rain. Aren't these stripes classic?
Mega Check Walker umbrella, Burburry
New Check Walker umbrella, Burburry

London Fog double canopy "Golf" umbrella
Hermes "H" umbrella

"Sky" umbrella, MOMA
Frank Lloyd Wright Water lilies umbrella, MOMA


Beth Connolly said...

I have a thing for beautiful umbrellas-so stylish.

Sarah Klassen said...

I wish the rain would fashionably fall here! We are experiencing quite the vicious, humid heat wave. If it were to rain here, I would love to be under the New Check Walker umbrella -- so chic and classic.

Have a lovely weekend*

Averill said...

Lovely -- could've used one of these today (it rained all day here in Houston)! My pick is the clouds one...I love the idea of a simple black facade and a beautiful, dreamy inside just for me. :)

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I love umbrellas. Especially the Burberry ones.

sophie dahy designs said...

It has rained here so much we are all waterlogged! Everyone needs a pretty umbrella to brighten the day!


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