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Susan, of the blog A Southern Daydreamer Reads, has begun a summer reading challenge in the blogosphere. I'm game! 

Earlier this summer, I visited Flannery O'Conner's home, Andalusia, as well as Margaret Mitchell's Atlanta apartment, where she wrote Gone With The Wind. Both are part of the Southern Literary Trail, a special event this year celebrating classic Southern writers in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The Trail got me thinking - there are so many great Southern writers I either haven't read, or haven't read much of - if I can't TRAVEL the Trail, why not READ my way through the Trail? Now, there are too many great Southern authors to read everyone (or everything they wrote), but I've selected a few for my own challenge. I'm off on the Trail! Here's my route:

1) Mud on the Stars, William Bradford Huie (Hartselle, Alabama)
2) The Complete Short Stories, Truman Capote (Monroeville, Alabama)
3) A Good Man is Hard to Find, Flannery O'Conner (Milledgeville, GA)
4) The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison (Tuskegee, AL)
5) The Collected Plays, Lillian Hellman (Demopolis, Alabama)
6) As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner (Oxford, MS)
7) The Moviegoer, Walker Percy (Greenville, MS)
8) The Golden Apples, Eudora Welty (Columbus, MS)
9) The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams (Columbus, MS)
10) The Beautiful and Damned, F. Scott Fitzgerald (Montgomery, AL)

Caveat: this list is subject to change, based on whimsy. I may switch the works around a little... but I have until September 21st, when the challenge ends, to figure it out! 


Southern Aspirations said...

Great list! I am doing the same challenge- and picked a few Southern authors, but also some nonfiction random reads I thought I needed too. Just finished Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty. You've got some great ones on the list!

Averill said...

Wonderful list -- you've included some of my favorite authors (Williams, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald in particular).

After my trip to Ireland, I've been reading my way through the Irish chic lit author Marian Keyes(much lighter fare but she's a really lovely story teller -- a step above chic lit to be sure). If you haven't read her, I highly suggest it!

Kalee said...

Wonderful list and lovely blog!

Sanity Fair said...

SA - I've been meaning to re-read that one. Welty's the best!

Sanity Fair said...

Averill - I need to take your advice. I lived in Ireland for a while but never read Keyes. I have to check her out!


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