The Storm in Style

Beth, over at Chinoiserie Chic, brought something to my attention today:  there are great skins for iphone out there, but what about Blackberry Storm? I have a Storm - and I love it. But let's be honest: the style isn't out there for Storm and its other BB friends (we do have class though; no sniggering at other folks who can't get service!). So, I decided to go on a quest for some stylish Storm options. It was tough, but there are some choices out there! So shop on.

Skins from iStyle.
(These include a download for a matching wallpaper.)

Also, Unique Skins has some great design-your-own options. Choose a background, and you can add your own text or photos!

Do you know of a great source for Storm skins? Let me know!


ticklishfromadistance said...

I do not. But I am going to look. Great fun!

Southern Aspirations said...

oh number 2 and number 6, I like! Had to laugh at your snickering about lack of service. If the iphone could only join up with TMobile, I'd be happy and THEN I'd get one. And I want one because then I could sync up my calendar with my Mac and feel much more organized. So really, I'm pleading with Apple. Certainly don't mean to advertise, but TMobile the one service that has worked well in our house (Sprint yuck and AT&T has been spotty).

Renée Finberg said...

i know , i saw them over there too.
i can't believe how many styles there are !

Sanity Fair said...

Southern Aspirations - ME TOO! Maybe we should sign an Apple petition to end this silly loyalty charade! AT&T was such a poor choice - they are so far behind in network coverage. I too would love to sync with my Mac.

Sanity Fair said...

Renee - I'm just DYING for a chinoiserie phone cover. I'll keep dreaming :)

Beth Connolly said...

Very cute, but the iPhone ones still win!

Sanity Fair said...

Beth - I know! I'm trying :) Maybe I could cut an iphone one to fit... ?

Christina said...

ok, maybe, but definitely not the football, please not the football!

Averill said...

I'm a fellow BBer but I've got the BB Bold...any good skins for that?


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