The Genius of Norma Kamali

Every time I look at Norma Kamali's collection, I have just one question:  WHY haven't I seen this before?  Kamali's work is adventurous, unique, wearable, and often has a couture-like quality, with fascinating details you won't find in many other ready-to-wear pieces.  Her swimsuits make the pages of Vogue more often than her other work.  And I say:  that's a shame! 

Two gowns from her parachute line:  the hemline can be altered by adjusting the pulls at the bottom.

No one else at happy hour will be wearing this. Beautiful draping - look at the hem.

It's all in the details.  Here's an Oscar-worthy mesh gown:

The same fabric figured into a STUNNING swimsuit. Kamali takes the swimsuit to a new level; many of her collections feature swimwear worked in the same style as other pieces, as if a swimsuit was another skirt, dress, pant... it's a refreshing perspective, and the results are gorgeous. 

Here's another swim look, this one paired with a jacket from Kamali's parachute line (same as the white gowns above). 

Back of the jacket. Beautiful details.

A skirt covered in studs.  It's biker chic you could wear to the office or cocktail hour.

A feather dress:  the stuff dreams are made of.

Silk that flows like liquid:  timeless.

The classic LBD with a twist:  the trim?  Safety pins. I REALLY want this dress!  It can do office, parties... such an amazing piece.

Kamali also has an inventive (and under $20!) line for Walmart, which I've written about before.  Check her out!

All images, Norma Kamali.


Southern Aspirations said...

What fun! Love the jacket and that first bathing suit. Classic but inventive and fun.

Molly said...

i'm actually proud to be wearing a Norma Kamali shirt right now as i type! so naturally, was happy about this post!!!

Beth Connolly said...

So funny-I wore Norma Kamali last night and I also have the blue dress with the draped back, but in black.

Averill said...

Many of Kamali's pieces, but especially that turquoise jersey dress, are both stunning AND wearable which is mighty hard to come by.

Unknown said...

How fabulous! Those dresses are just to die for.

I love your blog, miss thing.


Wow Gold said...

Very Nice Blog.

Christina said...

wow, those one piece bathing suits are stunning. oh my the layers are so lovely.


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