The White Frame

For some reason "White Frames" sounds like a great name for a band to me (I'm sure I'm thinking of the British group). They're also one of my favorite decorating touches. I LOVE white. It's my favorite non-color. Here are some good ideas for white framing around your home.  
Modern, Indian, Traditional, and Museum... and one color. That's why it works.

A really subtle, almost masculine, embrace of blue and white.

The classic white framed photo look. A little more feminine than black, and it looks fantastic with grey or brightly colored walls.

If you're framing a variety of knick knacks in varying colors, shapes, or styles, a simple white frame will unify your look. Image from Style Redux.

Using a white frame to bring out a picture - white on white gives this piece a higher profile in the room, and blends well with the graphic, non-cluttered look.

Another good example of "variety" framing - the white brings everything together in a very minimal way.

Images:  1-3, Decor Pad. Image 4, Style Redux. Image 5-6, Melanie Acevedo.


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