The White Frame

For some reason "White Frames" sounds like a great name for a band to me (I'm sure I'm thinking of the British group). They're also one of my favorite decorating touches. I LOVE white. It's my favorite non-color. Here are some good ideas for white framing around your home.  
Modern, Indian, Traditional, and Museum... and one color. That's why it works.

A really subtle, almost masculine, embrace of blue and white.

The classic white framed photo look. A little more feminine than black, and it looks fantastic with grey or brightly colored walls.

If you're framing a variety of knick knacks in varying colors, shapes, or styles, a simple white frame will unify your look. Image from Style Redux.

Using a white frame to bring out a picture - white on white gives this piece a higher profile in the room, and blends well with the graphic, non-cluttered look.

Another good example of "variety" framing - the white brings everything together in a very minimal way.

Images:  1-3, Decor Pad. Image 4, Style Redux. Image 5-6, Melanie Acevedo.


annechovie said...

Excellent post. To me, nothing beats a simple white frame. Thanks for your comment! Have a great wknd.! XX

Clayton Gray Home said...

Love the white frame - always in style and works in every room!

Beth Connolly said...

Great idea and look IF you have white walls, which I don't, because I detest white walls. So no, it doesn't work in every room. It would look tacky on colored walls except perhaps black. Thanks for the mention of Style Redux.

Averill said...

I disagree with Beth -- I think white frames can look good on a lot of different colored walls, but I do prefer them on bolder, darker hues like plums or chocolate browns, etc.

Generally, I prefer simple frames to set off art and allow it to take center stage. These pictures are all lovely examples of that. Thanks!

Sarah Klassen said...

Fantastic examples! The first is my favorite - the setup is so interesting.

I love so many styles of frames. In my own place, I have some silver, black and white. I love antique originals, also. I believe that often the room or piece being framed will dictate the frame. I love white frames on a dove gray, soft pink, and especially a green wall. I find that they also work well against colored wallpaper for a fresh look...

Christina said...

the framed shopping bags are very cheeky chic. i like it!

Things That Inspire said...

Love this post. Many years ago, I bought a lithograph on a cruise (I thought it was so cool, and I thought I was so cool too. It was a colorful piece, and I did not know how to frame it. Black would have dragged it down, gold would have been too formal. So I framed it in white. The litho really pops - and now resides in my daughter's room.


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