BR Fall Preview

Banana Republic is in the midst of a mid-life crisis. One season it's dowdy knits and aging satins; the next, hip young things in studs and croc are calling it home. The average dress runs you a reasonable $100 or so, but a bland handbag has some seasons maxed out at $400 (the same price point as more reputable brands Cole Haan or COACH). So where are we now? Cadillacs or Ferraris? Ferraris. The fall preview is out, and I'm reaching for a Ben Franklin.

Herringbone is big this season - and electric green, abstract herringbone is even better. Dress, $132.

Very chic mini bag - and under $100.

It's Tommy Hillfiger up top, Chloe below, and American all the way. Trench coat, $198.

If I'd seen this picture without attribution, I would have guessed Ralph Lauren. The hat, boots, and easy, yet structured knit are all classic and current. $89.50.
All images, Banana Republic.


highglossblue.blogspot said...

LOVE the purse.

Averill said...

I love that green wrap dress! Generally though, BR has left me cold lately, but I daresay a few years ago they were really doing some more exciting stuff. I'd argue that as J.Crew started its meteoric rise to on-trend fabulousness, so too did BR start to fade into Gap-style blandness.

Style Redux 2 said...

BR is a disaster without Deborah Lloyd. Use to love it-now file under no way in hell.

Daniella said...

Oh! I just bought that herringbone green & black dress this past weekend, wearing it for an upcoming wedding... it wraps up perfectly by the way, and comes with a great black slip...

Wow Gold said...

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Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Anonymous said...

That grey dress is made for me! So lovely. If only they'd open a store here in Holland. Won't be over in the States for a while ... :-(

Sanity Fair said...

Beth - you made me laugh. Lloyd's departure sure hasn't done the store any favors. AND, their marketing is terrible! The new boutique line actually has some impressive pieces, but it's not available many places, and the online staging/photography is just ghastly. I was so (pleasantly) surprised when I saw some of the dresses in person.

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