Mini Me: Match Your Decor

This silken scarf from COACH reminds me of the patterns of Rubie Green - a favorite fabric purveyor. Visit founder Michelle's website or blog for more fresh home choices. The only disharmony? The signature - but I'll bet if you asked Michelle really nicely she'd sign a pillow for you!
Coach scarf, $168. Pillow fabric by Rubie Green, East Village. Pillow image from


Julie at Belle Vivir said...

zig zag patterns give such a happy feeling. Don't they?

Cafe Fashionista said...

I adore Rubie Green - East Village is my favorite pattern. And not just because I adore New York City! :)

annechovie said...

Michelle is so nice, I am sure she probably would! Have a great holiday wknd., Skyla!

Amanda K said...

Those look lovely!

Christina said...

i'll take both of these things please! that scarf is AHHH-mazing.

MABELLE said...

Haha THANKS GALS!!! And haha of COURSE I would sign anything you'd like (just wait till you see my handwriting though...out of control!)

Thanks for your support- it means so much to me :)
XO Michelle.


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