Pretty Ballerinas

The new Fall Pretty Ballerinas are out and they're lovely enough to dance in. This brand is part of Mascaro, the venerated Spanish shoemakers, and the flats are still handmade in Spain today, just as they were 90 years ago. Kate Moss wears them, as does Claudia Schiffer. As I mentioned this summer (and many of you agreed) Pretty Ballerinas are some of the loveliest ballet slippers out there. And they feel DIVINE. The only regret? They last so long! I need a valid excuse to buy more...
Shopping info: for U.S. customers, they are carried in only one U.S. store (NYC), but they are also available online here. Prices generally range from (approx) $100 to $200, and I've discovered that Revolve Clothing carries a very limited selection in U.S. dollars. AND, they occasionally go on sale! The flagship store is in London (pictured above), so drop by on your text trip. Also, Canadians, you are in SERIOUS luck. Pretty Ballerinas is opening a shop in Montreal just for you! Click here for details. Happy shopping!
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Averill said...

I love these -- especially the stripes with the pompoms. Next time I'm in London, I'm definitely hitting up the flagship!

Ingrid Mida said...

For once, they didn't forget Canada!!! I can hardly wait. I love ballerina flats.

Beth Connolly said...

These really are the cutest flats around.

Christina said...

we'll be making our way to london next year and this will definitely be a non negotiable stop for me! eek!

Sarah Klassen said...

Darling, this place looks like heaven! Thanks for sharing this pretty brand -- I will bookmark them for Christmas -- I think the plaid pair might make it to my wish list :)


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