Yes Virginia, There Is Fashion Justice

The growth of celebrity "fashion designers" drives me to distraction. Heck - why not celebrity car mechanics? Celebrity hair dressers? Celebrity bankers? A lush financial outlook entices the untalented to dabble in things they shouldn't - but this bad economy is separating the silk from the polyester. The current worst-wear list includes Jessica Simpson, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Kristin Davis. But cheer up! Collections by some deluded designers are flying off the racks and back into their packing boxes. For instance, Kristin Davis' pleat-intensive line is being pulled from Belk's racks, and her fashion show at Bryant Park cancelled. Why? Well, I can show you easier than I can tell you:
Yep, not kidding. Frankly, if I were employed at Dress Barn, I'd be suing Davis for copyright infringement.

Now - the good news. There are some celebrities who deserve their name on a dress tag. Two, actually. The Olsen twins have an innovative, provocative style that has captured the minds of the sartorially gifted - from Karl Lagerfield to Lauren Hutton. Check out their fabulous fashion tome, Influence.

This season, the twins have added shoes and jewelry to their line, Elizabeth and James, which is a success - people actually wear it. In public.

Visit the website for more doubly-delicious style: Elizabeth and James.

Images: Pic 1, Belk's. Pic 2, Pic 3 - 4


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Now that is funny and oh so sadly true!Who is Kristin Davis? GT

Sanity Fair said...

lol. Kristin Davis from Sex and the City. Since the show is so famous for its fashion, I think that makes it even worse!

studioJudith said...

Kimora Lee ... .
don't get me started.

Averill said...

I'd also like to nominate J.Lo. for worst-wear....

And another related gripe -- when did every celebrity feel the need to put out their own perfume???? Why do I want to smell like Mariah? Or Paris? Yuck.

Beth Connolly said...

Elizabeth and James is an excellent line and the shoes and jewelry are great. I wore a great Elizabeth and James dress last night that I love.


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