Carlos Falchi for Target

This fashion season makes me feel more like a safari guide than a fashonista. Imagine being sent around Saks with a zookeeper - Carlos Falchi would be first stop on the tour: "and now, ladies and gentlemen, to your left, a group of ostrich." Ostrich bags. Like this one.

Or perhaps snake. Carlos designs extravagant bags in exotic skins.

But what would cheap, FAUX, snake look like? Cheap, faux, snake, unfortunately. Carlos collaborated with Target this season to release a line of of his own for the big box, big style store. But I can't say I like the results. Kind of reminds me of... every other cheap faux snake bag I've ever seen. Not a fan of the crazy quilt look with skins. And would a little color have killed anyone (other than snakes)?

Very average. I've seen this bag at Target before, but not with a big designer name on it.


ticklishfromadistance said...

Hmmmmm...............did not quite hit it, huh?

studioJudith said...

Though I have fond memories of my Carlos Falchi circa 1982 ... .
todays' patchwork snake just seems
way too "roadkill" pour moi .

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog and am devouring it! so great! and you're spot on with this target collaboration - definitely not a winner...


can't sleep, but I am digging the clutch, have to admit...nevertheless, I hear you on the cheap faux snakeskin always looking like cheap faux snake skin. good news is that cocktail parties usually have low lighting & buzzed guests-a welcoming atmosphere to give that cheap faux snakeskin a go!

Alicia said...

Hit the nail on the head. I saw the collection at Target & was stunned he lent his name to the final product. It remined me of those bad bags carried around by ladies in the 80s & 90s with the horrid sweatshirts & cheap flats.

Beth Connolly said...



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