Audrey Hepburn, a Funny Face

I haven't seen Hepburn's movie Funny Face in years, but a gown in the Spring 2010 Oscar de la Renta bridal collection reminded me of Hepburn's wedding costume in the movie. For those of you who haven't seen Funny Face, it's one of the best "clothes films" out there.
A brief plot summary: Boy (Fred Astaire) meets girl (Audrey Hepburn). Boy likes girl. Girl does not like boy. Boy, who is a photographer cum dancer, talks girl into casting aspersions upon her "higher" beatnik ideals and becoming a fashion model in order to gain a trip to Paris to meet a professor whose pseudo-philsophical teachings she emulates. Typical casual romance!
Along the way, a lot of spectacular outfits happen. Also, some sing'n and dance'n (whence the musical number, Think Pink!). Hubert de Givenchy dresses everybody, and eventually, they all dance delightedly into the sunset, which is precisely what any sane person would do when wearing 1950s Givenchy. The styles in this often-overlooked movie are so iconic, they continue to inspire today.
The Oscar de la Renta gown.
Wheeeee!!! Doesn't this make you want to spin around in circles until
you're silly?
Hepburn in the Louvre on the stair before the Victory of Samothrace - the locations
are nothing to sniff at. And this burning red prefigures Valentino's luscious gowns.
"99 Luftbaloons..." This classic photography sequence with Hepburn modeling
around Paris is breathtaking - and also, highly inspirational to certain modern designers
like Vuitton (Bazaar) and Proenza Schouler (in a Vogue shoot in 2008). Similar idea, no?
A few more scenes:
The famous bird of paradise costume.
As Anna Karenina (la steam!)
The movie poster, featuring the breathtaking costume she wears when
meeting Professor Flostre.
Bridal on runway. Dancing with Astaire. Red gown and Karina (in color). Balloons and black and white Karenina shoot.
Vogue image. Bouquet photo. Bird of paradise costume. Movie poster.


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