Resorting to Style

Ralph Lauren Resort 2009.
My favorite collection each year - every year - is Resort. It's psychological: mere moments after the last exhausted glitter-cardigan has been pulled from the Christmas shelves, the bright candy colors of Resort are on hand to cheer. Even if you're trapped in the drab grays of January, St. Bart's is no farther away than the nearest store. Spring can't be far behind!


studioJudith said...

Tis the season,indeed.

If only I had .. .
the budget for St. Bart's
the body for St. Bart's.


The Uppity Puppy said...

Ahh some inspiration for Spring at long last!

Averill said...

I love resort collections, especially since I live in Texas and winter wear is pretty much a nonstarter.

Sarah Klassen said...

I adore RL! What a beautiful image...


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