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Interior design and fashion combine at the Kate Spade 5th Avenue flagship.

*GASP* *GASP* *GASP* No, that's not the sound of a fish falling through space. That's me, reading the latest installment of Lonny Mag, the super hip, super awesome, wish-it-were me online-only shelter magazine. The new edition features the new J.Crew Collection Store (YES!), Kate Spade!, Kelly Wearstler! ...and lotsa lotsa gorge photography. One of the fabulous advantages of paperless pictures is that no one begrudges you trees (or dollars) to publish them. I get the feeling flipping (scrolling?) through Lonny's generously pictorial pages that the aesthetically-inclined staff are giddy about good photos. No picture left behind! Which means there are a number of lovely exterior shots too:

Entrance to the Hotel Keppler, Paris.

I hate to keep beating the Domino drum (not really, but if anyone out there is tired of hearing about Domino, consider this my official pretend apology). Anyway, like Domino, Lonny is adept at finding ordinary people decorating extraordinary homes and apartments. The "normal folks" are balanced equally by a crew of designers (who are never normal, by any definition) displaying their own spaces. Heaven. What could be better than the inside scoop? Touring their abodes is like finding out where your hairdresser gets HER tresses done. Top Secret Stuff.

Inside the Parisian flat of textile designer Lisa Fine.

For anyone still struggling with the idea of online only, I have two words: wish list. Tell your techno hubbie (yeah, the one who suggested your wedding march down the aisle would sound great on Sony speakers... until you explained the string quartet would be live) to beat it down to the Apple store pronto, because all you want for New Year's/Birthday/Valentine's is a nice big flatscreen monitor. He'll be so delighted it won't hit him until later that you're reading an online magazine where products are available for purchase with just one click. And be sure to mention in February that you were kidding about the Valentine's part.

An interior at the Hotel Keppler, Paris.

Same colors, new place: the bathroom at the J.Crew store, Upper East Side.
The wall design is identical to Jenna Lyons' own at home.

This month Lonny covers a number of your favorite store interiors: J.Crew and Kate Spade, as above, as well as Haus Interior. Shops I'd love to see in the next issue? Bergdorf Goodman's luxurious displays, the recently restored Ralph Lauren store in NY, and especially, the Tory Burch flagship.

Heels under glass at J.Crew.

Despite being a design magazine by some great talents in the industry, the feel on each page is approachable, attainable. The "if I read a few more design books and really think this through I could pull the look off" attainment - not, "I need to rob a bank, hire Miles Redd, and move to Malibu." Although, if you ever do that, please send us pictures.

Lonny is on "newsstands" now (and free). Visit at
All images, Lonny Mag.


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