Being Brave with COLOR

Jeffery Bilhuber
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some color (as my subconscious has been saying, with the choice of Lilly Pulitzer and DVF home designs for this week). So I went in search of a little, and really enjoyed the "10 Designers Who Love Color" section at

Now for an infomercial: I want to say a thing or two about most shelter magazine/web integration. It sucks. Domino (yes, yes AGAIN with the Domino accolades!), managed to host a clean, interactive site with great resources that overlapped, but didn't supplant, the magazine. House Beautiful, on the other hand, has dramatically improved in accessible style, but is still a lightweight on the web. Their site is difficult to navigate, and choked with advertising. Ads are essential, of course, but must they roam the screen like ants? Even the good ideas aren't well realized. I was delighted that the March Blue issue featured a spread of miniature images of blue rooms from HB's past, and promised that all would be available for viewing online. After 10 minutes of poking around on the website, I have yet to find those photos. When your website is more out of date than your printed magazine, something's wrong.

Anyway, here's the GREAT side of House Beautiful. Beautiful rooms! Below, some favorites, from Bunny Williams to Miles Redd. Don't you feel inspired already?
Bunny Williams
Milly de Cabrol
Jonathan Adler
Miles Redd
Miles Redd
Amanda Nisbet

And here are some wonderful accessories to bring a pop of color into your home. Don't be shy!
SOURCES: Eglomise Coffee Table - BeeLine Home. Laquer cubes - Jonathan Adler. Bartlett sheet set - Anthropologie. Green Chippendale Chair - Pieces, Inc. Yellow Spencer Side Table - Revival Home. Coral Notecards - Pixelime Press at Etsy. Bonds Cay Orange Coasters - Iomoi. Eclipse Twill Raspberry Curtains - Target. Courbe Ottoman - Ballard Designs. Teal Hatch Linen Pillow - Clayton Gray Home. Jade Bamboo Stool - Clayton Gray Home. Room images, House Beautiful.
xoxo, Sanity Fair 


Greet Lefèvre said...

This is a great post!!! I love the picture 1 of Jeffery Bilhuber! We sometimes have to dare more! Here you can see that it can be gorgeous to try another colour palette than we are used to!!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I for one love the colour. that green kitchen still is pretty amazing. I so agree about the site-terrible at this point.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love color and love all of your examples.

Kitty said...

I love the black, white and red bedroom. the headboard is awesome!


If I could shrink down Mr. Miles Redd, I would pay him a fee to reside in my pocket and direct my design decisions. If Kelly Wearstler is my woman, he is definitely my man. Well, you know in my dreams. Right on with the web/mag integration, too. Hb has improved tremendously and at least they are making strides towards improving, that's more than many of their counterparts can say. I'm afraid if they don't figure it out, well, you know...

studioJudith said...

That AppleGreen kitchen
is especially juicy ... .


Sarah Klassen said...

*Sigh* I'm right with you, Skyla. I have been craving some serious color this month -- perhaps it's contagious? :)

Like Greet, I'm really drawn to the first image. Up until last week or so, I didn't realize that I actually really like blue. This pic is going straight into the inspiration files.

As for magazine sites, I'm agree. I find that Living Etc. Maison Fr, and Victoria are great for resources, but many others could use some spiffing up. I love being able to promote my fav. magazines :)

I hope you have a great weekend, and perhaps come across something colorful to add to your home!

pictureofelegance said...

Miles Redd room is the most dramatic.Love your blog.


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