A Capital Home

Recently, I toured some of the models for EYA Homes in Washington, D.C., a company that has been re-imagining capital living as "life within walking distance." EYA constructs new housing around loosely linked street and park settings that provide a lovely community feel in a larger metropolis. Several of my friends rent or own EYA homes, and I'm a fan of the houses because they pull off what so many builders don't: updated buildings that still carry the charm and spirit of their surroundings. Their developments on Capitol Hill blend seamlessly with the historic rowhouses there, right down to the patterned brick and bright colors. Here is one of my favorite home models - yet, while the molding and floor plan is traditional, the decor, by interior merchandising firm P Four, isn't. It's very fun!

The walls in the cozy living room and dining area are softened with cloth hangings, and the large lamps and "base" are actually one bold piece.
Very fitting for DC, where the traditional Roman motif of wheat shares
is everywhere - here, it's subtly repeated as candelabras flanking the mantel.

The dining room adjoining the living room - mirror
surfaces carry the light from adjacent windows through the center,
keeping it from the "tunnel" feel townhouses can have.
The master suite carries the theme of cream, silver, and pink upstairs.
The mix of furniture in this room is really appealing, but my favorite
by far are the studded suede chairs with "handles."

Detail of the master bedroom. Aren't the side tables fabulous?
Very Dorothy Draper. The lamps looked wonderful in the room,
but all I could think was"shower curtain rings." A project to try at home? :)

The dresser, a classic chocolate brown holding its
own with black, gray, and white.

Chanel in the bathroom. Sold.

A guest bedroom with graphic patterns breaks up the girly feel of pink.

L-o-v-e this shelf with white stripe trim!

The kitchen was, with classic unrealism, spotless and mostly pink.
But I fell in love with the gray and white ticking stripe roman shade.

The breakfast area goes gothic.
All images, my own. Design by EYA Homes.


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