Double Vision for Spring

Every fashion season brings trends and themes, but often, I'll notice one small "mini-trend" where a few designers seem to have hit upon strikingly similar ideas. It's not copying so much as accidental group-think (and the ubiquitous influence of Pantone's magic color wheel). One year the mini-trend was a pink, gray, and white tweed cloth that followed me EVERYWHERE. I found a skirt of it in a department store, a jacket in another, and finally, a coat in a third (that I eventually broke down and bought - it was a fabulous look). This season, it's abstract patterns rendered in red, pink, and purple cropping up in dresses from DVF to Trina Turk. What do you think? Great look, or too much color?

Tory Burch

Trina Turk

Emilio Pucci

Prefiguring them all:  a Missoni knit dress and Kate Spade coat from the 2009 winter season.

All images, as attributed. Emilio Pucci at Saks. Missoni dress at Yoox.

xoxo, Sanity Fair 


Laura Casey Interiors said...

cute finds! spring please!

Averill said...

I like the color palette, but some of these prints (esp the DVF) are a bit too 80s for me!

Sarah Klassen said...

Pretty finds! I do like them, especially the Kate Spade one :)

sophiedahydesigns said...

So pretty, but right now I'm into turtlenecks and long underwear. Looking at those makes me shiver!

Molly said...

i need the first two, definitely! good eye!

studioJudith said...

Oh no.

Just too much color in such a limited space.
It makes me nervous
and leaves no room for any personal

Lara said...

Hi there, Love your blog... found it a while back. Yes, too much color, and I feel we are entering the "bad" part of the eighties now... I just saw the most hideous black tights and bathing suit in Victoria;s Secret with slashes on the side. Eighties are back, but in a bad way! I think some people could pull these off, and I don't mind the color blocking, it makes it slightly more retro! Glad I discovered your blog... Fantastic!


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