The Lady Wore White

How many ways can you wear a white shirt? Carolina Herrera knows plenty. But her biggest secret is the high-low mix. Did you know most of her signature crisp white tailored numbers are by Banana Republic? Not kidding! Herrera has admitted to buying BR shirts by the bucket full. She pairs them with her gorgeous - and expensive - skirts and slacks. The result is all glamor.

Let's sit at the skirt of a master and learn...
The key to wearing something inexpensive is to act as if money is no object. What do you care what it costs? You always look fabulous. Be sure to starch that collar. And put a Tide stick in those pockets.

Great accessories are a must. Glam jewelry? Check. Funky belt? Double check.
A sharp white shirt can handle color and pattern.

Make sure you're crisply ironed, and roll those sleeves just so. The resulting
three-quarter length is flattering on everyone, and shows off great bracelets.

Color is allowed, in this case, a soft chambray blue. Just remember, your strength is in simplicity. 
The button down shirt is a clean canvas for pattern and color.

Bonus: have a trademark stance. Herrera's classically elegant look could make a burlap bag
seem stylish: hands in the pockets or on the hips, and a three quarter turn.

The Banana Republic shirts - any of them can be yours for $59.50. If that feels too cheap, buy 6 or 7. 
And a can of spray starch.
1, Herrera's classic pose. 2, Herrera in a grey skirt. 3, Herrera in bow belt. 4 and 5, lovely blog Habitually Chic. 6. Banana Republic.


studioJudith said...

I must admit to a small smirk,
as I read this .. . in one of my own BR shirts.
Being of the same generation as CH,
I find more and more that I'm taking a similar approach to dressing. Another great lover of the WhiteShirtApproach:
Karl Lagerfeld.

Starched collars are a must!


Karena said...

Great images. I love Carolina's style and glamor. Especially in these times when we don't see enough elegance!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Is she just not the epitome of chic? I find that as I get older that there are just a few looks that flatter better & one of those being the classic tailored shirt. That stance of hers says it all, speaks loud & clear of self-confidence whether wearing that $60. BR shirt or not. Fab post, loved it. x


I find it difficult to type this comment while practicing Carolina's stance, but don't you worry, SF. I look damn good doing it ;-).

Haha. Love that CH loves BR. I wonder if she also uses her flat iron for touch ups like I do. Thanks for sharing!

Beach House Living said...

Crisp white shirts are a personal favorite. Out of the dozen or so in the closet several are from BP.
White T-s too!

Anonymous said...

Love this post!! Being the second-generation family makeup artist that she is, my mother has always been mindful of "what season" of colouring she and her daughters are ... so I was always warned against wearing white up next to my face "because I'm an autumn and it washes [me] out." :-) Even so, I've been drawn to the smart white blouse since middle school! :-) No apologies - I love them. Have found some spectacular poplin ones on to mix it up if cotton is too stiff for my mood.


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